Rajasthani Dictionary Project – Introduction

Purpose: To develop a digital dictionary of Rajasthani language and provide it online via a website and mobile-app.

Background: Rajasthani language is spoken by approximately 100 million people across the globe. However, it is not recognized in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India. Currently, no digital dictionary of the language is available which is one of the major limitations for the growth and use of Rajasthani language in the fast digitizing modern world.

Objective: To develop a digital dictionary of Rajasthani language by digitizing existing knowledge of Rajasthani words, using the latest technological tools to preserve, promote, enhance its usage, and create awareness of Rajasthani language. This will be achieved by creating a structured database of Rajasthani-Dictionary and make it online via a Website and a Mobile App. Also, create an echo system to enable the online addition of new words and/or change the existing entries in the dictionary database.

Intent: It is intended to aggregate words from different sources that are mainly the old compiled work from various Rajasthani intellectuals for instance; Payialachhinaammala, Abhidan Chintamani Naam maala, Anekarthi Sangrah, Desi Sabad Sangrah, Dingal Naam Mala, Hamir Naam Mala, Dingal Kosh, Ankekarthi Kosh, Akakhari Kosh, Akakhri Naam Mala, Man Manjri, Rajasthani Sabad Kosh and many other such dictionaries created in the past. The largest collection so far is compiled into “Rajasthani Sabadkos” by PadmShri Dr. Sitaram Lalas that was published in 1962. In the initial phase, it is targeted to compile and digitize about 2,00,000 words, which may be augmented by linguistic enthusiasts using an online software after due validation. In the initial scope, the dictionary will provide a translation in Hindi language in Devnagri script. A global non-profit organization, “SIL International” supported by UNESCO, has expressed its desire to help the endeavor by uploading the data to their global dictionary platform that will enable a translation from Rajasthani to other international languages like English, French, Chinese, and other Indo-European languages.

Scope of Work: Tentatively following work is involved in the initial phase:

  • Development of a comprehensive back-end software to enable the online data entry of dictionary words in a structured manner i.e. all the references/parts of a word-unit e.g. primary-word, origin, language, meaning, word-type, synonym, antonym, gender, word-usage, etc, are to be entered into different fields.
  • Different available dictionaries will be scanned at the page level and all the individual pages will be indexed and uploaded to the back-end software. All these pages will be auto-digitized using OCR and the converted text will also be uploaded to the back-end software.
  • Data-entry of approximately 2,00,000 words with the help of the uploaded digitized content.
  • Proof-reading and final editing of the entered data.
  • Development of a dictionary website with the following minimum features:
    • Comprehensive word-search (General search, Partial search, Soundex search, etc)
    • Rhyming (Tukant) search.
    • Structured display of all different parts of a dictionary entry and search results.
    • List view, multiple page navigation.
    • A section to introduce the Rajasthani language and its grammar.
    • It will be a responsive website so that the same can be used on a mobile device as well.
  • Development of a mobile app for Android and iOS-based phones. The mobile app will primarily have word-search capability.
  • Hosting the Website and Mobile-app on a high-availability infrastructure on the cloud.

Project Management: It’s a huge project and will require a good-sized team. Under the patronage of HH Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji of Jodhpur, a few NGOs, Trusts, and a group of scholars in Rajasthani language have grouped together to manage this entire work.

Financials: Initial scope of work in this project is estimated to an expenditure of about 15,00,000 (Rs. Fifteen Lakhs) approximately that shall be raised by all the collaborating and other related institutions and individuals.

Work plan: The first and foremost requirement is to raise the fund worth INR 15 Lakhs. The amount is not much. If just 150 donors decide to contribute INR 10,000/- each, it can fulfill the requirement. This is an average computation. Please help the cause as per your capacity and willingness. All the details related to donation can be found here (click).